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Hello and welcome, If you're reading this that means either you or someone close to you is suffering and you would like to seek some help. You are not alone, as i have worked over 15 years with wonderful people grappling with the suffering that inevitably happens with practically everyone at some point in their lives. Past hurts cause the emotional and behavioral adaptations that need to be understood in order to address the negative effect they have on your current mental/emotional functioning. Healing is really only possible when you know what you have to heal. I'll provide you with the service of facilitating your journey inward and coach you through the process of healing. Just as suffering is a universal quality we all share, there are universal qualities associated with healing that you can learn and integrate to change your current circumstances for the better. I provide free 20 minute consultations, so please feel free to reach out to learn more.
Jason Almerico


“Jason is incredible, he is supportive and extremely thoughtful but also holds me accountable and encourages me to really tap into what I really need and want! This has been an incredible experience so far!”

Past Client

“I have to admit I am honestly surprised at the speed of Jason's understanding of what I am personally going through and the ability to discern the issue based on the information given and respond with a solution that truly does help me. ”

Past Client

“Jason is an outstanding and professional individual. He is respectful and made sure I was comfortable during all of our sessions. Jason has inspired me to explore my traumas and I greatly appreciate his help so far. Thank you, Jason!”

Past Client


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